Unveiling: Being True

A timely and very important read from Unveiling

An excerpt:

“Being true means being honest, real, factual, and truthful – it is the opposite of being deceitful, false, manipulating truth, and believing lies. But these days many seem to find it difficult to discern between what is true and what is false.

We all interpret what we see and hear through our own biases and beliefs. There is, however, one person who speaks only what is true and it may be helpful to have some reminders of what He has said. It is helpful to see and hear truth from outside of ourselves, from a trusted, reliable source like the Bible, so what follows is a look at some of what the Bible teaches about Truth in the hope that it may help us to discern what is true and recognise what is false and misleading in our thinking, beliefs, and words in this time in which we live.

Being true, and embracing truth does come with a price, however. Not everybody wants the truth, it can be very costly. Truth can be painful and can expose what we would rather not see, hear, or believe. Truth can shatter our beliefs and mindsets, requiring humility to admit we were wrong. In spite of that, or maybe because of that, truth is very precious.”

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