Costly & Narrow Way


073Google and other search engines are an invaluable part of how the world functions and does research. At the tips of our fingers are hundreds of pages of results to whatever our inquiry. But it is not the Holy Spirit. We may get our curiosity satisfied; we may get our opinion validated, but it is not the Holy Spirit, and therefore our hearts will not be settled in Him. Google and other search engines, when used to learn Christ and/or the spiritual meaning of a Scripture is largely futile. It fuels our flesh’s lack of patience; it does nothing to help us along in waiting on God to reveal to our seeking hearts what He longs to show us and what we need most – God in Christ.

First an apology for the twist that is about to be made here, but to put a modern spin on the story of old in John chapter 5 with regards to this topic, we could almost hear Jesus telling us: You search and investigate and pore over the internet diligently, because you suppose and trust that in it you will find the meaning of Me, but these do not always testify about Me, though there be much written on the topic of Me. It is a stretch, I know. But one that I trust helps us see the futility in what many of us have done and are doing.

Jesus tells us later in John chapter 16 verse 13 that, when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide us into all truth, the Amplified adding here – the whole full truth. It is a progressive guidance. We do not come into it in one fell swoop all at once, for we most certainly could not bare it. It can be painfully slow, if we are expecting ourselves to know it all. To settle back and allow our spirits to be led by the Spirit of Christ; to shut out all other voices which are not speaking Life to us, though they may have helped us along at one time, this will be altogether different from the faith-road we once walked.

When God promised the New Covenant which Christ has ushered in He said that He would imprint His laws upon our minds, even upon our innermost thoughts and understanding, and engrave them upon our hearts, and He will be our God, and we shall be His people. He added that, it will nevermore be necessary for every one to teach their neighbor, for all will know Me, from the smallest to the greatest. This is very Good News, especially for those who recognize themselves as the smallest using the world’s measuring stick. As for the greatest among us using the same worldly measurements, it is humbling to accept that that greatness does not and cannot learn Christ, for it is all by the Spirit within our teachable spirit.

At the beginning of the letter to the Hebrews (1:1-2) the author noted that, in many separate revelations and in different ways God spoke of old to the forefathers in and by the prophets. But in these last days God has spoken to us in the person of His Son. 

Let us not make a compulsive decision outside of the Spirit’s guidance to stop all other voices which are not speaking Life to us. Let us instead be willing to hear the echo of His voice in calling us to Himself. It is God in Christ alone Who is able to carry us through this costly and narrow way. As Theodore Austin-Sparks puts it: “When one moves out of the realm through men or from a man; second-hand, unable to see beyond, into a personal, direct knowledge of the Lord, into that experience where we can say, ‘It pleased God to reveal His Son in me, and with me it is so real that sometimes I wonder if anyone has such a knowledge, such an experience;’ when we move that way we move into a lonely realm. The majority cannot follow or go with us, and cannot understand.”

We may have seasons of silence where we sense He has forgotten us, but He has not. Quoting Hebrews again (12:2), let us look away from all that will distract us to Jesus, Who is the Leader and Source of our faith, and is also the Finisher, bringing our faith to maturity and perfection.